Animal Reiki Healing

Reiki helps to restore positive, physical and emotional wellbeing.


Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel positive energy into your pet to trigger a natural healing process in its body.

In life, as we all know, negative situations arise. This can cause energy to get stuck and it causes the Chakras (main energy points of the body) to stop energy from flowing through the body properly causing an imbalance. This leads to stress and other illnesses or reactions that don't support the body to function at its best.


When using Reiki I also occasionally use certain crystals to rebalance the Chakras, which will support the energy to flow positively again.

Benefits that your pets may experience with Reiki:

  • Increasing energy levels and an overall positive sense of wellbeing

  • ​Reduction in anxiety, nervousness and stress and an increasing sense of calm

  • ​Relief from aches, pains, allergies and strains as well as issues with your pets coat, skin or feathers

  • ​Support for your pets that are dealing with bereavement, grief and depression

Reiki can offer you and your pet a way to strengthen your bond as you will be passing on kindness and healing to one another.

Reiki is not a substitute for qualified or traditional medical care.


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