Pet Grief and Bereavement Therapy

Having a pet will mean that, at some point, you will have to let go of them.


This could be due to separation because of certain circumstances; your pet becoming ill; or because your pet passes away.


I know from experience that this is an extremely sad and traumatic time. I had to have my beautiful, unique cat, Tosca, who was 17 years old, put to sleep and sent to the Rainbow Bridge. Continuing his life would have been an act of cruelty and it would not have benefited him in any way.

I knew Tosca was ready to let go. He wasn't eating or drinking; he was extremely weak and lethargic; he was losing weight very quickly; and I could see in his eyes, communications and behaviour that he had accepted his path and was ready to go.

I came to the acceptance of having him put to sleep, and that it would be the best thing for him, quite quickly, which I am extremely grateful for, as I know that many pet owners don't always receive the message as clearly as I did.

Pet grief and/or bereavement therapy will give you a safe space to discuss your feelings, thoughts and emotions. It will give you the opportunity to let go of your pet or prepare you for letting go of your pet when the time comes. It will also help you to develop an acceptance of a different life without them but help you to cherish the fond memories you have of them. You’ll gain the strength to be able to put any plans in place and do this in a way that suits you and/or your family. You’ll also be able to discuss anything else you feel you want to share in our sessions together.

These sessions are for you to have a place of calm where you can reflect and reminisce. You can choose whatever you feel you want them to be at that time. I will listen with empathy, compassion and without any judgement, as I know how much of a change and how heartbreaking this time can be.

An initial consultation will take place over the phone to discuss what you feel you need the therapy for. We will discuss how many sessions you may require although this may change once the sessions have begun.

Please be advised that all sessions are completely confidential except for in the event you disclose that you, an animal, or someone else, is at risk of any harm. Information will then be shared to the appropriate authorities. Ultimately, the safety of you and your loved ones, both human and animal, are my main priority and I will ensure this is maintained at all times.


Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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