So, how did Lucy’s Happy Holistic Pet Care come about?

I’ve always had a strong connection to animals and, as a cat-Mum myself, I had to make a very tough decision back in 2016 with my beloved kitty, Tosca, when I discovered he was very poorly and wasn’t going to get better. I made the difficult but right choice to assist Tosca with his journey over the Rainbow Bridge.


Tosca and I had always had an amazing and sincere connection from the moment he arrived into my life, at a time that was extremely challenging for me, and I’ve noticed this same connection happening with other animals since then.


It’s only been very recently that I considered turning my love and absolute passion for working with animals into a full-time career. After I started walking a friend’s awesome Yorkie, I realised the sense of satisfaction and completeness I got was what I needed to be experiencing from my work every single day. And so I knew something had to change.


I completed my Advanced Psychotherapeutic Counselling Diploma in 2016 and I have qualifications in both Reiki and Crystal Healing, which I have adored and loved doing for many years. After discovering my passion and empathy for all living creatures, I knew I wanted to do something where all the things I enjoy and love can come together to support both humans and animals alike. My background in Social Care also means I am a people-person and I have worked with people from a variety of social backgrounds which has given me a strong understanding of people’s differing circumstances.


I am so excited about meeting you and your beloved animals and working with you in the future. I finally feel like I have found my true calling and I look forward to sharing my gifts and passion with you and your furry families.


Thank you so much for visiting my site


Lucy xx

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